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If you are unable to serve please contact Dn. Marlene Tona by cell phone (# available in the lector's email notice you received). Thank you.

Sunday October 1
Lectionary 26, Proper 21
1st       Peter Tong
2nd     Jane Schmoyer

Sunday October 8
Lectionary 27, Proper 22 
1st        Diane Conover
2nd      Vicki Thompson

Sunday October 15
Lectionary 28, Proper 23
1st       Patti D'Andrea
2nd     Diane Conover

Sunday October 22
Lectionary 29, Proper 24
1st        Steve D'Andrea
2nd      Jane Schmoyer

Sunday October  29
Lectionary 30, Proper 25
(Reformation Day)
1st         George Tice
2nd      Dn. Marlene Tona

Our 2022-2023 subscription for Sundays & Seasons has been given in
Loving Memory of  Ray Ludwigsen, Jr. and Thomas Brix,
given by Patty Ludwigsen - and - in Loving Memory of Lisa Saltalamacchia, given by Dominick and Mary Ann Saltalamacchia.

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