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Burial of the Dead is a ritual that both celebrates the life of the deceased and serves as a witness to the grace of God in baptism.  A Mass of the Resurrection allows room for the bereaved to grieve and take hope in God.  It is always encouraged that you request pastoral care prior to a death.  And please do not make funeral arrangements until your have spoken directly with the Pastor.


Only the funeral rite in Evangelical Lutheran Worship may be used in the church building.  The use of rites related to fraternal, military or other organizations are not permitted in the church building.  Such rites are best left to the funeral home the evening before.  The coffin is to be closed, and only the funeral pall may be placed over it while in the church building. 


Funerals for active members in good standing are normally shared in the Church.  There is no fee for the services of the clergy of the use of the building.  However a $175 fee for the organist is required.  Additional fees are in place for soloists, etc. 


Funerals for those who are not members of this parish, or those who are no longer in good standing, will be considered in consultation with the Pastor.


Funerals off-site or graveside are available for an additional fee.  Please contact the Pastor.


The use of the lower level for a reception following a funeral may be arranged by contacting the Pastor.  Availability is limited however, and a fee may be required.

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