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We welcome the opportunity to share in the joy of your wedding.  And because we consider this to be one of the most important decisions in your life, we do have some expectations for your consideration.


Couples who request a wedding at Redeemer are required to:

1.  particiapte in three pre-marital counseling sessions, even if they have been

     living together.  These must be completed at least 30 days prior to the wedding date.

     The day/time for counseling sessions will be determined by the Pastor.  ALL weddings

     require a minimum of six months advance notice.

2.  respect the traditions and practices of this parish in all planning.  You do not need to

     be a member of this parish.

3.  understand that NO wedding date is confirmed until the Wedding Agreement has

     been signed (this is given at the first counseling session) and all fees paid in full.  Do

     NOT plan a date/time for a rehearsal or a wedding ceremony without the prior

     approval of the Pastor. 


It is understood that the Pastor has the right and responsibility of refusal to officiate at any wedding for any reason.


Weddings are never scheduled during the Seasons of Advent or Lent, and may not be celebrated on Sunday mornings at any time of year.  All dates and times are subject to approval, however, the choices for weddings in the church building are bascially: Saturday at 3pm or 5pm. Off-site weddings are available for other days/times and do require an additional fee.  Rehearsals for offsite weddings are held at the church.


Only the wedding liturgy from Evangelical Lutheran Worship may be used - with minor approved variations. Clergy of other traditions and/or other parishes may be included with the prior approval of the Pastor.


All music must be approved by the Music Director and the Pastor.  While respecting diverse cultural traditions, only sacred music may be used.  The Music Director has the right of refusal for weddings.  If the Music Director is not available, she/he will help secure another organist. However, a bench fee equal to the Music Director's fee will be expected in addition to the fee for an approved organist.


The Pastor does not participate in rehearsal dinners or receptions following the ceremony.


To get started: contact us by phone, 732-922-2757 or email,  -- you may use the contact page on this website for faster service.


The average cost for a wedding at Redeemer is currently $825.   This is for members and non-members alike. 



Your Wedding at Redeemer

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